South Bank Bus Diversions from 1 December 2015

Chichley Street

Due to the works at Southbank Place  development a number of bus stops will be relocated from 1 December 2015

Chicheley Street

The eastbound bus stop (Waterloo Stop Z) on Chicheley Street requires temporary relocation.  This stop which is served by the RV1 bus service traveling towards Covent Garden,  will now been located on Concert Hall Approach. See above map.

York Road

The existing northbound bus lane is to be temporarily suspended to enable vehicles to load behind the site hoarding and to facilitate in the safe demolition of the existing buildings and construction of the site.   This requires temporary closure and relocation of the following bus stops.

  • Northbound bus stop V on York Road,  located directly outside the London Underground station on the western side of York Road.   This stop is served by Route 381, which travels towards Peckham, and the N381 which is a night bus service. This stop will not be relocated, due to the lack of a suitable locations on York Road, however the existing stops which are located 300m either side of this stop are to remain unaffected, and can be used as alternative bus stops for these services.

York Road

  • The York Road Tour bus stop outside the former Shell podium is served by private bus operators “Original Tour Bus” and “Big Bus Company”. This stop is to be relocated on York Road south of Chicheley Street as shown below.

Original Bus Tour and Big Bus Company