Spine Route

The objective of this project is a complete holistic redesign of the streetscape and road finishes of Upper Ground / Belvedere Road which make up the South Bank Spine Route to once again achieve a world class urban environment.  The existing Spine Route finishes and street furniture were constructed approximately 20 years ago, when the Spine Route was subject to a major public realm improvements scheme which opened in 1997. Since this time, the Spine Route has since suffered serious degradation from inadequate maintenance, whereby existing finishes have been replaced in part with unsympathetic repair materials and failure to achieve proper reinstatement after frequent and extensive utilities works.

Design consultants, Gross Max, have been appointed on 2013 and briefed on the above to address how the work on the developments at either end of the Spine Route can be tied in to a high-quality streetscape design along the whole street, together with a phasing plan and recommendations for the most effective use of the funding immediately available from Lambeth Council, in a way which is consistent with a longer-term improvement scheme. Gross Max have also researched the area to identify pedestrian and transport flows, cycle requirements and operational requirements to feed into a concept design for the area.

This commission is fully funded by London Eye revenue S106.

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