South Bank Patrol

The South Bank Patrol works to deter crime with active work to reduce and eliminate unlicensed street trading, the threat of terrorism, petty crime and anti-social behaviour. The work carried out by the team relies on forging good working relationships and actively engaging with private security teams, police and other agencies throughout the area. The Patrol represents the interests of local businesses, residents and visitors by working in partnership on crime reduction schemes and projects.

The South Bank Patrol proactively target ‘hot spot’ locations where problematic individuals gather. Patrol routes are based on a combination of the officers’ local knowledge and information provided to us from stakeholders reporting emerging problems.

This effective patrolling scheme has helped to reduce the number of individuals involved in aggressive begging, illegal gambling and anti-social behaviour. The South Bank Patrol can also act as professional witnesses and provide evidence in the form of statements and exhibited photographs for unlicensed street trading and breaches of CBO’s as an example. A new electronic reporting system has reduced the time the officers have to spend in the patrol office allowing a more prolonged, visible presence ‘on the ground’ proactively tackling these issues.

The South Bank Patrol service is funded by London Eye Revenue S106, South Bank Bid and private contributions from the South Bank Centre, Jubilee Gardens Trust, White House Management Company, Shell, BFI, ITV, National Theatre, County Hall Apartments Management and Coin Street Community Builders.