South Bank Community Safety Officer

Our Community Safety Officer has been in place for 8 months now and he has settled into the area very well. He is very experienced in the areas of operation and this can be seen through his work. He is very responsive to issues raised by our members and his ability to act in a timely manner has on many occasions been seen to be very effective. An example being that of large number of tourist bus operatives blocking the stairs to Westminster Bridge, this was a public safety issue as well as illegal street trading as those engaged were operating outside of the allowed conditions. Through engagement, seizures and enforcement the area has been cleared of those operating illegally and pedestrian flow has improved which improve public safety.

Oladayo Bello has continued to regulate illegal street trading issues and responds to specific and persistent offenders in a robust manner. Whilst he continues to monitor the area in a preventative manner it is this style of positive work that has had such a positive impact.

This post is fully funded by London Eye revenue S106.