Mass Evacuation Planning

The need has been identified by local stakeholders to enhance the emergency evacuation planning and understand how mass evacuation across the site should be managed from a crowd flow perspective.

The aim of any evacuation is to ensure the movement, as safely as is reasonably possible, of people from places of danger to places of safety. Mass evacuation will always be a last resort and only undertaken when absolutely necessary.

Currently the South Bank does not have at its disposal the necessary information on which to develop a holistic, fit for purpose emergency evacuation plan that will be able to respond to the types of threat that can be reasonably expected.

The project will have 4 distinct phases:

  1. Scoping, Information Sharing and Capacity Modeling.
  2. Response Plans.
  3. Preparation of Materials and Emergency Evacuation Manual.
  4. Testing the plan.

The first 3 elements of the project will be undertaken by the consultancy firm Movement Strategies.

The final outcome of our Mass Evacuation Project is to ensure all of organisations are fully prepared for this type of emergency.

Due to the sensitive nature of this project further details are available by request.