Major Development | Southbank Place

The planning application was granted for a mixed use scheme in June 2014 by the Secretary of State. The scheme comprises the retention of the Shell Tower, eight new buildings (ranging from 5 to 37 storeys), up to 877 residential units, 76,043m2 office uses, 5,986m2 retail use, 2,557m2 leisure use, 33om2 LU ticket hall and 23,037m2 basement and service use.

Construction work commenced on site on Monday 20th July 2015.

Three planning applications have been submitted to Lambeth Council for the approval of details relating to the Southbank Place development. The applications seek approval for the following conditions:

On 17th May 2016 condition 46 and 50 were granted permission of approval.

On 25th May 2016 condition 48 was granted approval.

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