Closure of Waterloo London Underground York Road Entrance


On 15 November 2015 the Waterloo ticket hall and entrance to the London Underground on York Road will close until Summer 2018.  This is part of the works required for the wider development of Southbank Place.

During the construction period of Southbank Place, Transport for London are taking the opportunity to make improvements to the entrance and adjoining ticket hall. These works include the addition of a third escalator, additional ticketing facilities, new ATMs and retail units, and a new permanent art installation.

Whilst the works are taking place, customers will be directed to the two remaining ticket halls – the Colonnade ticket hall on Waterloo Road, and the mainline ticket hall which is connected with the National Rail concourse.   TfL also advises for access to the South Bank from the Undeground to follow the alternative signage to Victory Arch via the National Rail concourse.