About Us


Our South Bank aims to improve the everyday experience of the area for employees, visitors and residents alike. We deliver this through The South Bank Visitor Management Group (VMG). The VMG is a unique public-private partnership between the major organisations and the Local Authorities in the South Bank with a long-term commitment to increasing the quality of public realm.

The purpose of the Visitor Management Group (VMG) is to:

  • Ensure optimum efficiency of public and private resources for the management, maintenance and security of the South Bank public realm
  • Act as strategic body for neighbourhood-wide decisions of an operational nature
  • Report Street Problems

Areas falling under the remit of the VMG include:

  • Day-to-day area-wide operational matters in public realm management
  • Strategic decisions relating to area-wide public realm projects and services including service levels, resourcing and collective contracting
  • Security matters (via South Bank Business Watch) including illegal trading, rough sleeping, homelessness, street drinking and related anti-social behaviour within the public realm
  • Transport, including accessibility and sustainable travel

The VMG is attended by the following key representatives:

  • Senior managers representing the major publicly accessible estates in the VMG area
  • LB Lambeth representatives from relevant departments
  • South Bank Employers’ Group (as Secretariat and delivery body)

Reflecting the public-private partnership, the Group is co-chaired by two representatives – one from the LB Lambeth and the other from a major private landowner.