Improvement Plan to London Waterloo Announced

WIT Terminal 3

Last week Network Rail and Southwest Trains officially launched the programme of investment to improve London Waterloo Station.   Over the next 3 years £800m will be spent to improve capacity and passenger journeys into the UK’s busiest station.  There is currently has 234 million passenger journeys each year,  and is forecast to grow by 40% by 2043.

The programme includes the following improvements:

  • Rebuilding the former Waterloo International Terminal,  providing an extra five platforms (20 – 24) and a more spacious, modern and accessible concourse.
  • Extending Platforms 1 -4 to allow ten car trains to run on London suburban services
  • Increasing capacity and improving passenger facilities at Surbiton and Vauxhall stations.

The timeline for the events at London Waterloo are as follows:

March 2016: Construction works started in the former Waterloo International Terminal,  with minimal disruption to passenger using the station and no service alterations.

February 2017:  Platform 20 reopens to passenger services.

June – Aug 2017:  Weekend work, including some changes to weekend passenger services, to allow rail  infrastructure to be installed.

August 2017:  Platforms 1 – 4 extended at London Waterloo.   Platform 1 – 8 will be closed for 23  days.  Network Rail will reopen Platforms 20 – 24 to help maintain passenger services  here will be significant changes to services.  Detailed information on services changes during this period will be advised in advanced to ensure passengers understate how this will affect their journey.

Sept 17 – Dec 18: Platform 1-8 will reopen, with 21 -24 closing to allow for construction of the new passenger concourse and facilities.

December 2018: New timetable introduced including use of all 24 platforms at London Waterloo.

For further information on the programme can be found on the South West Trains website .